How to Build Mail Server with Mercury Mail

Before you create a webmail server, download XAMPP here and download SquirrelMail here

1. Setting Mail Server
-Run Apache, MySQL, and MercuryMail in your PC Server

Image 1.1 Run this application.

-Click Configuration and then Manage core module..

Image 1.2 Configuration then Manage core module

-Click Local Domains Tab, and then Add your webmail domain

Image 1.3 In local domain then Add New Domain

-Create Localhost Or Server and Internet Name

Image 1.4 Create localhost server and internet name

-This is a preview your local domains

Image 1.5 Preview local domain

-And then, Click Configuration -> Manage Local User

Image 1.6 Configuration then Manage local user

-This is a preview User Definied for this System, And then Click Add to Create your Account Mail

Image 1.7 Create Account

-Create your Account Mail in Server

Image 1.8 Create Account

-This is a preview your Account Mail

Image 1.9 Preview your Account

2. Setting SquirrelMail

- Extract SquirrelMail in folder C:\xampp\htdocs\your_folder

Image 2.1 Extract SquirrelMail to htdocs

- Open htdocs/webmail/config /config_default.php

-Edit domain in line 118
 $domain = '';

-Edit use Send Mail in line 140
$useSendmail = 'false';

-Edit send mail path in line 180
$sendmail_path = 'C:/xampp/MercuryMail';

-Edit data directory in line 499
$data_dir = 'C:/xampp/MercuryMail/MAIL';

-Edit attachment directory in line
$attachment_dir = 'C:/xampp/MercuryMail/MAIL';
Save as file config_default.php -> config.php

Run the webmail server in URL : http://localhost/webmail

Image 2.2 Login Mail

-This Web Mail is ready to use
Image 2.3 Webmail ready to use

Or http://your_ip_server:port/directory (example: http:

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