Core Java - Interview Questions and Answers

121. What is the value of a[3] as the result of the following array declaration?

Ans : d

122. Which of the following are primitive types?

Ans : a.

123. What is the range of the char type?

Ans: Array variable indicates the type of object that the array holds.
Ex: int arr[];

124. What are primitive data types?

Ans : byte, short, int, long
float, double

125. What are default values of different primitive types?

Ans : int - 0
short - 0
byte - 0
long - 0 l
float - 0.0 f
double - 0.0 d
boolean - false
char - null

126. Converting of primitive types to objects can be explicitly.

Ans: b.

127. How do we change the values of the elements of the array?

Ans : The array subscript expression can be used to change the values of the elements of the array.

128. What is static variable?

Ans : Static variables are shared by all instances of a class.

129. What is final varaible?

Any variable either member variable or local variable (declared inside method or block) modified by final keyword is called final variable. Final variables are often declare with static keyword in java and treated as constant. Here is an example of final variable in Java.

130. Which of the following declare an array of string objects?

String[ ] s;
String [ ]s:
String[ s]:
String s[ ]:
Ans : a, b and d

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