Core Java - Interview Questions and Answers

231. Can you achieve multiple interface through interface?

b) false
Ans : a.

232. Can variables be declared in an interface ? If so, what are the modifiers?

Ans : Yes. final and static are the modifiers can be declared in an interface.

233. What are the possible access modifiers when implementing interface methods?

Ans : public.

234. Can anonymous classes be implemented an interface?

Ans : Yes.

235. Interfaces can’t be extended.

Ans : b.

236. Name interfaces without a method?

Ans : Serializable, Cloneble & Remote.

237. Is it possible to use few methods of an interface in a class ? If so, how?

Ans : Yes. Declare the class as abstract.

238. If you do not implement all the methods of an interface while implementing , what specifier should you use for the class ?

Ans.: abstract

239. Useful basic fullform :

1. ODBC : Open Database Connectivity.
2. HTML : Hyper Text Markup Language
3. RISC : Reduced Instruction Set Computing
4. ASCII : American Standard Code For Information Interchange
5. ANSI : American National Standard Institute.
6. XML : Extended Markup Language
7. FLOPS : Floating Point Operating Per Second
8. SQL : Sequential Query Language
9. QBE : Query By Example
10. ALE : Address Latch Enable
11. RPC : Remote procedure call

240. What is lagging in DBMS ?

Ans. Reduced Redundancy.

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