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How to change from email id in Zimbra when sending a mail from Zimbra Webmail account

I got an email from one of my blog viewer that he is working in a group and he wants to change from email id when he sends an email.

For this solution you can create an Alias account for a Zimbra user and change their zimbraPrefFromAddressattribute so, whenever a user will send an email, mail will go through zimbraPrefFromAddress set email id.

Create an Alias account in zimbra
zmprov aaa shahzad@linuxsolution.in support@linuxsolution.in

Change from email id for first account
zmprov ma account_name@linuxsolution.in zimbraPrefFromAddress Alias_name@linuxsolution.in

zmprov ma shahzad@linuxsolution.in zimbraPrefFromAddress support@linuxsolution.in

Change from email id for 2nd account
zmprov ma shahzad1@linuxsolution.in zimbraPrefFromAddress support@linuxsolution.in

Note: This feature work on zimbra webmail only.
Now test your requirement and let me know if need any further assistance.

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