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How to Disable Pop3 protocol in Zimbra Server

In this toutorial i am going to disable POP portocol in zimbra server so that no any pop user can connect to server. Follow the below steps to disable the same.

Check status of pop3 server on server label
$ zmprov gs `zmhostname` | grep zimbraPop3ServerEnabled
zimbraPop3ServerEnabled: TRUE

Disable service on server
$ zmprov ms `zmhostname` zimbraPop3ServerEnabled FALSE

Now disable attribute for COS and account
$ zmprov mc default zimbraPop3Enabled FALSE

Check status of COS
$ zmprov gc default | grep  zimbraPop3Enabled
zimbraPop3Enabled: FALSE

Check status  for an account
$ zmprov -l ga shahzad@linuxsolution.in | grep -i zimbraPop3Enabled

If you require to enable pop3 for a user, you can enable.
$ zmprov ma shahzad@linuxsolution.in zimbraPop3Enabled TRUE

Now again check status
$ zmprov -l ga shahzad@linuxsolution.in | grep -i zimbraPop3Enabled
zimbraPop3Enabled: TRUE

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