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How to Install CentOS 6 Linux operating System

If you are new in Linux World and want to install CentOS Linux operating system, follow this tutorial, this will guide you to install CentOS in simple steps.

Make CentOS bootable Media or Make USB as bootable and boot from System.

1.      Select first option “Install or upgrade an existing system” and hit enter
2.      Click on skip, this will skip the Media test
3.  Click on Next
4. Select your Language as preferred and Next

5. Select the appropriate Keyboard

6. Choose “Basic Storage Device” when your Hard drive is physically connected from system.

7. Click on “Yes, discard any data”, as you are installing fresh Operating system and don’t want to keep any data

8. Setup your system hostname and network settings, or you can do this settings after installation Operating system. Click on Next I will do this later.

9. Select your time zone according to your area and click on Next button
10. In next screen, you will require to setup root password which is compulsory so that after installation you can login in to system as an Administrator privilege.
11. Click on “Use anyway” to accept the provided password forcefully when password requirement do not match.

12. Select “Create Custom Layout” option to create partition manually.
13. Click on Create icon to create a new partition. Basic installation method you need to create manly 3 partition with their mount point mentioned as below:

/boot = 200 to 500 Megabyte (MB) size maximum
Swap = double of RAM
/ = Total remaining size
14. Select “Standard Partition” and click on create
15. Create first /boot partition with minimum size 200 MB
16. Create Swap partition size with double of your RAM
17. Create root “/” partition and select “Fill to maximum allowable size” which allocate complete reaming space to root partition. 
18. Confirm your created partition as required and click to Next button

19. After creating partition it will prompt you screen to format partition and create new filesystem.

20. Click to “Write changes to disk” to move further installation steps
21. Click to next, you can set password on boot loader if you require. But I will recommend you that you don’t set password. If you set password on boot loader it will ask you to prompt password in every start up.
22. Finally select installation mode, here I am selecting “Minimal” option which gives command line interface login only. If you require Desktop graphical environment select Desktop or other.

23. Now installation started. Minimal installation takes maximum 5 to 10 minute to complete installation.