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Benefit of using Dumpster in Zimbra Mail Server

Dumpster is a feature in Zimbra Mail Server, when you enable this feature in server with the help of this you can recover your delete email, contacts, calendar, and task from dumpster. By default dumpster is disabled and it keep deleted email and other items 30 days.

zimbraDumpsterEnabled– TRUE/FALSE determines if the dumpster feature is enabled or disabled.
zimbraDumpsterPurgeEnabled – TRUE/FALSE determines if the users can empty/purge their dumpster.
zimbraDumpsterUserVisibleAge – n, where n is the number of days to allow users to view and recover the messages stored in the dumpster.
zimbraMailDumpsterLifetime – n, where n is the number of days to keep items stored in the dumpster before automatically purging them.

Enable Dumpster
$ zmprov mc default zimbraDumpsterEnabled "TRUE" zimbraDumpsterPurgeEnabled "TRUE"

Check dumpster status
$ zmprov gc default zimbraDumpsterEnabled
# name default
zimbraDumpsterEnabled: TRUE
Enable DumpsterLifetime and Purge time 90 days
$ zmprov mc default zimbraDumpsterUserVisibleAge "90d" zimbraMailDumpsterLifetime "90d"

Get dumpster lifetime automatic delettion after
$ zmprov -l gc default | grep zimbraMailDumpsterLifetime
zimbraMailDumpsterLifetime: 90d

Search deleted message from Dumpster
$ zmmailbox -z -m test1@linuxsolution.in s --dumpster -l 30 --types message larger:1kb
num: 2, more: false

     Id  Type   From                  Subject                                             Date
   ----  ----   --------------------  --------------------------------------------------  --------------
1.  263  mess   test2                 Test Mail for Dumpster check          06/09/17 09:55
2.  259  mess   test2                 Test Mail                                           06/09/17 09:46

Recover message from Dumpster
$ zmmailbox -z -m test1@linuxsolution.in  recoverItem 263 Inbox

Recover Dumpster message from Webmail
Right click on Trash folder > Recover Deleted Items, after select message in Dumpster and click on Recover to button and give Folder name(Inbox or other) where to message recover.

Deleted message from Dumpster
$ zmmailbox -z -m test1@linuxsolution.in -A dumpsterDeleteItem 259

Empty Dumpster for an account
$ zmmailbox -z -m test1@linuxsolution.in -A emptyDumpster

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