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How to get Zimbra Emailed Contact from CLI

Help command
$zmmailbox help contact

Command to get your local Emailed Contacts
$zmmailbox -z -m test2@linuxsolution.in gact -f "/Emailed Contacts"

Id: 373
Folder: /Emailed Contacts
Date: 04/07/17 07:31
Revision: 451
  firstName: Shahzad
  lastName: Alam
  fullName: Shahzad Alam
  email: test18@linuxsolution.in

Grep only Emailed Contacts 
$ zmmailbox -z -m test2@linuxsolution.in gact -f "/Emailed Contacts"  | grep email

Delete Email Contacts from CLI
$ zmmailbox -z -m test2@linuxsolution.in dct 373

Note: 373 is id of specific email contact.

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