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Install/Deploy Email message downloader Zimlet for .eml format in Zimbra

Download Zimlet from Website

Rename zimlet
mv 2015-07-01-22-30-22_559469fea4293.zip  com_zimbra_emaildownloader.zip

Change permission
# chown zimbra.zimbra com_zimbra_emaildownloader.zip
# chmod 644 com_zimbra_emaildownloader.zip

Copy downloaded zimlet in /opt/zimbra/zimlets
# cp -rpf com_zimbra_emaildownloader.zip /opt/zimbra/zimlets/.

Login to zimbra
$ su - zimbra
Copy downloaded zimlet in below location
$ cd /opt/zimbra/zimlets

Deploy download zimlet
$ zmzimletctl deploy com_zimbra_emaildownloader.zip
[] INFO: Deploying Zimlet com_zimbra_emaildownloader in LDAP.
[] INFO: Installing Zimlet com_zimbra_emaildownloader on this host.
[] INFO: Upgrading Zimlet com_zimbra_emaildownloader to 1.0
[] INFO: Adding Zimlet com_zimbra_emaildownloader to COS default
[] INFO: Enabling Zimlet com_zimbra_emaildownloader

Logged in to Webmail account and drag message to the Downloaded Zimlet.

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