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Looking for High Paying Affiliate Marketing Network, Try admitad

Looking for High Paying Affiliate Marketing Network, Try admitad

Those who become frustrated by their previous affiliate program’s performance admitad is here to help skyrocket your affiliate marketing revenue. Because this is a world class high paying affiliate marketing program that will enable you to generate higher revenue.

You may aware about affiliate marketing system that by selling or referring online different retailer’s products anybody can earn commission. However to make money through affiliate program most of the cases you must a website or Blog. The more product you sell, more you will able to earn. 

Publishers are now not only depends on ads revenue because it has a limited earning level but by switching to affiliate marketing they are making huge money, because they can sell products online adaptive way and without any limitations. Many top class blogger and webmasters are now emphasizing on affiliate income instead of traditional method. 

However it’s not so easy to start an affiliate campaign without any prior experience but admitad made this easy for all level of publishers, even you don’t have to have any previous affiliate marketing experience. And its user friendly interface and affiliate tools helping publishers to increase the sales and commissions. 

What is admitad?

admitad is a CPA (Cost Per Action) based affiliate program that assists advertiser to sell their product on a reliable source and helps publisher to monetize their website or Blog with advertiser’s product for generating sales commission. 

Through admitad publisher will get access on different marketing campaigns from their dashboard. Through a simplified dashboard publisher will able to use handy tools to manage their online campaign. 

Why to join admitad?

admitad is an international affiliate marketing network operating since 2010. Within very shortest period of time it has spread their wings in different countries. This affiliate network pay for CPA, CPL, CPI and CPS. 

admitad mostly attract publisher for its exclusive campaigns, numerous offers, friendly user interface, affiliate tools and plugins, less payment threshold etc. Simply this affiliate network made super easy for publishers to make money through their robust platform. So definitely you will love to join with their network to boost up your affiliate income. 

Moreover, you will get an opportunity to meet admitad’s top publishers, account managers and colleague advertisers in regular meetings and that will be organized by admitad.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

For beginners affiliate marketing is a bit tough but admitad made it easy by integrating several affiliate tools into their dashboard. Among those amazing tools product feed, Deeplink, coupons and deals, and cart tracking are mentionable. Those tools help the publisher to make your affiliate product more visible in your website or Blog.

the most interesting offers from our advertisers. only for publishers
The most interesting offers only for publishers

If you are running your site on WordPress platform then you would be amazed by their WordPress plugin. Because after installing the plugin you don’t have to copy and paste their ad script manually, rather admitad plugins will do this job automatically for you. 

Some Key Benefits

You may find the whole thing interesting, however to give you more clarification I have sum up the below key benefits of admitad that will influence to take right decision whether to use or not to use this affiliate network. 
  • It has over 1300 exclusive offers. 
  • Huge advertisers and publishers are using this CPA affiliate network.
  • Affiliate marketer can have access to multiple tools.
  • admitad Mobile apps available to download that can connect 5 accounts at a time. 
  • Setup and signup process is super easy. And free to join with them. 
  • Minimum payment threshold is $10 only.
  • It supports multiple payment medium like Paypal, e-payments, Webmoney and wire transfers.
After going through the above table it is apparent now that admitad equipped with couple of best features and suitable for your next affiliate marketing campaign. 

Payment System 

admitad made payment system super easy. Their minimum payment threshold is $10 only and it supports manual payment requests. At present admitad supports multiple payment Methods such as: Wire or Bank transfer, PayPal, WebMoney and epayments. So you won’t have to face any trouble to receive payment every week through your favorite medium of payment. 

Referral Program

This is another great opportunity to make money from admitad. You can also increase your affiliate’s revenues by referring others to this affiliate network. So this is just like a bonus with your existing affiliate commission. Through the referral program you can earn 5% commission.

AliExpress Hot Summer Rally

World’s leading ecommerce site AliExpress running their affiliate campaign through admitad that’s why many publishers preferring this affiliate network. In AliExpress Hot Summer Rally prize fund has allocated total $30,000 and to hit the jackpot you must go through the admitad, because the price money depends of the amount of money earned in admitad. So for admitad publishers has a great opportunity to participate and win jackpot on AliExpress summer rally.

Aliexpress hot summer rally
Aliexpress hot summer rally
This summer rally has started on 15th June and you have to earn points by earning sales commissions. AliExpress has categorized their publishers into different categories and class and each class will have different rewards. Simply you can win bigger price by selling more products. The more you sell your class will go in higher. Every week monetary rewards range from $1,000 to $ 5,000 until the promotion ends. So hurry up to grab that chance and win the jackpot. 

Final Verdict

At the end we can say admitad is an amazing affiliate network that value to both advertisers and publishers. Through thousands of deal and offers advertise can sell their product swiftly and publisher can generate sales commission rapidly. 

Looking for High Paying Affiliate Marketing Network, Try admitad
Looking for High Paying Affiliate Marketing Network, Try admitad
Their incredible tools continuously help publisher to run a successful affiliate campaign on their website or Blog. More Persuasive tools like ad blocks, fraud prevention, fingerprint tracking, cross-device tracking etc. benefits both advertisers and publishers. So, Go ahead and join admitad affiliate network to maximize your monthly revenue. 

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