Drill: New Desktop File Search Utility That Uses Clever Crawling Instead Of Indexing

Drill is a new file search utility that uses "clever crawling" instead of indexing, for Linux, Windows and macOS.

The application can locate files and folders, but it does not search file contents. It's designed for desktops, using a Gtk GUI by default, but there's also a command line frontend available, albeit quite minimal right now (a Ncurses backend is on the todo list as well).

Drill file search tool

The user interface is very minimal, with an input field where you type what you're looking for, and a list of search results. Double clicking on any of the search results opens that file (this currently only works on X11). Opening the folder containing the file is on the to do list, like quite a few other features.

The Drill developer, Federico Santamorena, says that after switching to Linux, he had almost everything he needed, minus a fast desktop-oriented search tool, so he created clone of "Everything" that runs on Linux (as well as Windows and macOS), called, Drill. The Windows-only application called Everything dumps the NTFS partition file list, and can scan your files almost instantaneously.

"File searching in Linux instead is broken: updatedb is old technology and it's sad a lot of GUI applications use it as backend like Catfish, AngrySearch and FSearch still use indexing and are slow too", writes Federico on Reddit.

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