New Guake Drop-Down Terminal PPA (Ubuntu And Linux Mint Installation)

Guake terminal

Guake is a drop-down terminal for the GNOME desktop which includes split terminal functionality, session save/restore, support for transparency, and many other features.

Seeing that Ubuntu has quite outdated Guake versions (3.4.0 for Ubuntu 19.04, and 3.0.5 for Ubuntu 18.04, while the latest Guake version is 3.6.3), and creating a Launchpad PPA for the latest Guake releases is the most requested "feature", I created a Guake APT PPA for Ubuntu 19.04, 18.10 and 18.04. Ideally Guake should be packaged as a Snap or Flatpak package, so it can be installed on many other Linux distributions, but I don't have experience with those types of packages.

The PPA also works in Linux Mint 19.x, and any other Linux distributions based on Ubuntu (18.04-19.04).

You can see what's new in recent Guake releases by visiting its project page.

Guake drop-down terminal

Guake is inspired by the famous Quake console - the terminal stays hidden until you press a key (default is F12). Execute a command, then press the same key again to hide the terminal, going back to your previous task without breaking your workflow.

Main Guake features:

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