Olivia: Cloud-Based Music Player With YouTube Support And Over 25,000 Online Radio Stations

Olivia cloud music player for Linux

Olivia is a fairly new free, open source Qt5 cloud-based music player for Linux. It can play music from YouTube, comes with more than 25,000 Internet radio stations, it supports themes, has a mini player mode, it can save songs for offline playback, and much more.

The cloud-based music player is available as alpha software for testing right now. It looks like Olivia is now considered stable, with version 1.0.0 being available on the Snap Store (although there are no releases on the project GitHub releases tab).

Olivia is well integrated with YouTube, allowing users to search for songs and add them to the play queue, browse trending YouTube music with the ability to change the country, and more. To save bandwidth, Olivia only plays the audio of YouTube streams.

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