How To Speed Up Google Drive OCamlFUSE (Tool To Mount Google Drive On Linux)


Google Drive OCamlFUSE lets you mount Google Drive on Linux, with no dependencies to any desktop environment. Using it, you get full read and write access to ordinary files and folders, read-only access to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and more. It also supports multiple accounts and Team Drive.

Thanks to this tool, you can access Google Drive on Linux from your file manager, open files from Google Drive from desktop applications, and even access Google Drive files from a terminal.

For some users though, even navigating their Google Drive is very slow using Google Drive OCamlFUSE. This article contains a few tweaks for speeding up Google Drive access when mounted on Linux using Google Drive OCamlFUSE, so you can browse and perform file operations (rename, move, open) faster. This won't make Google Drive OCamlFUSE upload or download files faster though.

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