Maestral Is A New Open Source Dropbox Client For Linux And macOS

Maestral Dropbox opensource client

Maestral is a new open source Dropbox client for macOS and Linux, that's currently in beta. It can be used both with and without a GUI, and it was created with the purpose of having a Dropbox client that supports folder syncing to drives which use filesystems like Btrfs, Ext3, ZFS, XFS or encrypted filesystems, which are no longer supported by Dropbox.

[Later edit] Dropbox has partially reverted the change of only supporting Ext4 filesystems on Linux. A Dropbox client update brings back support for ZFS and XFS on 64-bit Linux systems, and eCryptFS and Btrfs on all Linux systems.

The PyQt5 application had its first release intended for everyday usage just 2 days ago, but it already includes features like:

  • Pause / resume syncing
  • Shows sync status and potential sync errors
  • Selective sync
  • System notifications on file changes
  • List of recently changed files (only for the current session for now)
  • Shows used / total Dropbox space
  • Choose your Dropbox folder location
  • Menu entries to open Dropbox folder and launch the Dropbox website
  • Start Maestral on login
  • Option to unlink Dropbox account from Maestral
  • Keyring integration through the Python keyring lib, which supports backends like macOS Keychain, the Freedesktop Secret Service supports many DE including GNOME, and KDE KWallet
  • Can run in GUI or command line modes

When using Maestral from the command line, you can choose to keep it running and continuously sync your Dropbox folder, or to only perform some operations on your Dropbox files, like moving or renaming, uploading a new file to your Dropbox account, and so on.

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