Material Shell Is A New Tiling Shell For Gnome (Beta)

Material Shell Gnome

Material Shell is a new tiling shell replacement for Gnome Shell (3.32 and newer) that's currently in beta. It's tagline mentions that this extension proposes "a performant and simple opinionated mouse/keyboard workflow to increase daily productivity and comfort", while also following the Material Design guidelines.

The extension adds a new panel on the left-hand side of the screen, which has (from top to bottom) an Activities Overview button, application categories buttons (Internet, Development, Social, etc.), and a tray at the bottom.

What's more, Material Shell replaces the top bar with its own bar that lists each running application for a particular category, a + button that allows opening another application from that category, and a button to switch between tiling layouts (with 4 tiling layouts being available) for the applications in that particular category.

The window titlebar is removed for applications that don't use client side decorations, to make more space for the window contents. To close applications and windows, a close button is placed on the top Material Shell panel, and you can also use Super + Q to quit an app.

A list of maximum 12 applications is shown when clicking the + button for a certain category:

Material Shell category

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