Using Zorin OS 15 Gtk And Icon Themes On Ubuntu, Fedora And Others

Zorin OS 15 was launched early June, and among the changes is a new theme for its Gnome (Shell) desktop, which is available in 6 colors, blue, green, grey, orange, purple and red, each being available in light and dark versions. This article includes a preview of these themes, and instructions for installing them on other Linux distributions that use Gnome Shell.

The Gtk+ 2, Gtk+ 3 and Gnome Shell themes are accompanied by color-matching icon themes in light and dark versions. The Gtk+ and Shell themes should work with Gtk+ 3.22.30 and newer / Gnome 3.28 and newer (Ubuntu 18.04 / Fedora 29 and newer).

Zorin OS 15 blue light theme
ZorinBlue-Light Gtk and icon themes used on Ubuntu 18.04

The Zorin OS 15 release announcement notes that the new themes have been "designed with clarity and simplicity in mind, minimizing the visual load of the interface so the content takes center stage". While the themes do feel simple, minimalistic and fresh, the light versions seem a bit too bright for my taste.

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