Fast Linux Application Launcher Ulauncher 5.3.0 Stable Released

Ulauncher fast application launcher

Ulauncher, a fast application launcher for Linux, was updated to version 5.3.0. This is the first Ulauncher stable release to support Python 3, while Python 2 was completely dropped.

Besides the migration to Python 3, Ulauncher 5.3.0 only contains bug fixes and some minor changes:

  • Change version schema. Now there's stable version and beta version
  • .db files are now stored in ~/.local/share/ulauncher
  • Fixed a bug where a result item that belongs to an extension is not automatically selected if user previously selected the same item using the same query
  • Fixed issue with skipping result items on navigating by arrow keys
  • Fixed a bug where an argument to shell commands get %s instead of the real argument
  • Potentially fixed issue with wrong window position in some desktop environments

Ulauncher is an open source application launcher for Linux that can be extended to perform various other tasks through addons. The application features fuzzy search, custom color themes, and it can browse through system directories. Under the hood, Ulauncher uses Python with GTK for the launcher user interface, and HTML/JS rendered in a Webkit frame for the preferences window.

Open it using a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Space by default), then type a few letters of your search query, use the Up / Down arrows to navigate through the results, and press the Enter key to launch the selected item. The Ulauncher window will close as soon as you press Enter. You may also launch an item using Alt + 1 for the first item in the Ulauncher list, Alt + 2 for the second, and so on. Don't worry if you have a typo - thanks to Ulauncher's fuzzy search, the application will figure out what you meant in most cases. Also, the launcher remembers your previous choices, automatically selecting them in the future.
It's worth noting that the application only looks in an application's .desktop file name field when looking up applications; the ability to also use the keywords and comment in search is on the todo list though.

Looking for an Ulauncher alternative that uses Qt instead, and has the ability to look up the keywords and comment fields in desktop files? You'll want to check out Albert.

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