Free VoIP App Mumble 1.3.0 Stable Is Out, First Feature Release In 10 Years

Mumble VoIP 1.3.0

Mumble, the free VoIP application, has reached version 1.3.0 stable after more than 2 and a half years since the previous stable release, and almost 10 years since the last Mumble 1.2 feature release. Mumble 1.3.0 includes new Lite and Dark themes, individual user volume adjustment, dynamic channel filtering, and much more.

Mumble is a free and open source, VoIP application primarily created to be used by gamers, but not only, similar to TeamSpeak (which is proprietary). The application uses a client/server architecture, and it features high sound quality and low latency, using encrypted communication. It runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and iOS, and there are various third-party clients too, including for Android, which Mumble doesn't officially support.

Other Mumble features include an overlay for use in games (so you know who is talking and what channel they are in), positional audio (in some games, Mumble modifies the audio to position other players' voice according to their relative position in game, giving a sense of direction and distance), and a setup wizard that helps you to quickly and easily configure your device (microphone, etc.).

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