GSConnect Updated With Command Line Interface, Wayland Clipboard Support (Experimental)

GSConnect v26

GSConnect v25 (quickly followed by v26 to fix a single issue) was released a few hours ago, and is already available on the Gnome Extensions website. The new version brings support for controlling remote media players, experimental clipboard support under Wayland and CLI scripting interface, and more.

So what's GSConnect? It's an implementation of KDE Connect (which integrates with the KDE Plasma desktop) for Gnome Shell.

After pairing your Android device that has the KDE Connect app installed with your desktop via GSConnect, you'll be able perform various actions between the Android device and your desktop computer: transfer files, mirror the clipboard and notifications, remote control media players, send and receive SMS, use Android as a remote keyboard and mouse input, launch commands on the computer from Android, and more.

Newer GSConnect versions require Gnome Shell 3.28, 3.30 or 3.32.

GSConnect v25 had to be released before being fully ready due to a protocol change in the SMS plugin of the KDE Connect Android app, which caused this GSConnect feature to stop working.

My favorite new feature in this GSConnect update is the addition of a command line scripting interface, similar to kdeconnect-cli, which I actually suggested to the developer, and he kindly implemented it. This is currently experimental and undocumented. To see the available command line options you'll need to run this in a terminal:

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