How to configure / setup Star TSP100LAN (TSP 143) Thermal Receipt Printer on CUPS

I have search every where on google and did not find anybody providing tips on how to setup the settings on CUPS for the STAR TSP III 143 LAN printer

I had a USB version of this printer that died.

After that, I bought another Star TSP 143 printer but I bought the wrong one, I bought a LAN (RJ45 connector version).

So, I had to reconfigure my CUPS connection string from:




Since my printer was already configured for USB, all I had to do is change it using 'Modify Printer'
Here are the steps I took:

1. Select which protocol to use (select LPD/LPR - line printer):

2. On the next page, enter this URL on the address:


3. Send a Test Print Page:

Go back to Printers from top menu, select the right printer, and select 'Print Test Page'

That's all, I hope this guide helps someone.

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LAN / Network version:
USB version:


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