Linux GIF Screen Recorder Peek 1.4.0 Is Out With UI Updates, Fixes

Peek screen Gif recorder

Peek, a free an open source animated GIF screen recorder for Linux, was updated to version 1.4.0. This release updates the user interface to the new GNOME guidelines, while also fixing some crashes.

With Peek you can create small, silent screencasts of an area of the screen, saving them as GIF animations. While Peek is optimized to record the screen as an animated GIF, the application can also save the screencast as a video (WebM or MP4, without sound), though for this I recommend SimpleScreenRecorder or OBS, which offer more flexibility.

Use it by placing the Peek frame on top of the area you want to record, then click the Record as GIF button to save the recording as an animated GIF image. To use a different format, like APNG, WebM or MP4, click the down arrow to the right-hand side of the Record button.

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