Play Your PlayStation 4 Games Remotely On Your Linux Desktop With Chiaki

PlayStation 4 has a feature called Remote Play that allows controlling (and playing games) remotely. Officially this feature only works on Windows or macOS, but thanks to Chiaki, you can use your Linux (and others) desktop to play games remotely on your PlayStation 4. Since the game is streamed to the computer, you don't need a high performance graphics card, but there is a bit of lag.

Chiaki is an unofficial, free and open source PlayStation 4 Remote Play Client for Linux, macOS and Windows, but there's also work to get it working on Android. While not an official Sony software, Chiaki doesn't require having a jailbroken PS4.

Playing PS4 games on Linux
Playing Fifa 20 (demo) on my Linux desktop while the game is running on my PS4

Having its first release only a month ago, Chiaki already works very well, although there are still things that have yet to be implemented. You can already use it to play games on your PS4 from a remote Linux, Windows or macOS desktop, and it also includes features like PIN login, fullscreen mode (press F11), and it can wake up the console.

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