Starship Is A Minimal And Fast Shell Prompt Written In Rust

Over the years I've tried various fancy shell prompts, but I've always come back to the plain default username@host because I found the others too distracting and cluttered, or too slow for my taste.

Until I came across Starship, a cross-shell / cross-platform prompt. Using the defaults is simple but also very useful, providing extra information only when it's needed. It's highly customizable too, and you can make it look as fancy as you like, but I only made some minor changes for my needs: I made it show the prompt on a single line, and disabled the new line it adds above the start of the prompt, because that needs more scrolling.

I don't want to bore you with my personal experience though, so let me tell you more about Starship prompt and what it can do.

Starship prompt

Starship is not only minimal, always out of your way and only showing information when needed, but it's also fast and highly customizable, so you can have it look very fancy if you wish. Written in Rust, the prompt is supposed to work with most common shells on most common operating systems (includes configuration instructions for Bash, Fish, Zsh), featuring:

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