How To Add Markdown Support To Gedit Using `Markdown Preview` Plugin

If you like Gedit text editor and would like to add Markdown preview support to it, there's a plugin you can use to easily do that.

Gedit Markdown Preview plugin

Gedit, the default GNOME text editor, doesn't support Markdown by default. It does support plugins though, and with the help of a plugin called Gedit Markdown Preview, you can add Markdown support to modern Gedit versions (3.22 and newer).

Gedit Markdown Preview is a work in progress plugin that automatically detects when opening .md files in Gedit, and when it does it open a pane in the left sidebar or at the bottom of the window with a preview of the Markdown file. You can disable this pane from opening automatically, and manually run it from the Gedit View menu, or using a key (F9 for the side pane and Ctrl + F9 for the bottom pane).

Gedit markdown menu
Gedit Markdown Preview plugin menu

This Markdown preview allows zooming in or out, searching, and opening links and images. The preview is not automatically refreshed by default but you can click the 3-dotted menu at the bottom right-hand side of the preview area and enable Automatically reload from there to have the preview refresh automatically each time you make modifications to the source .md file; you may also manually refresh the preview by using the refresh button from the left-hand side of the preview window, or via the right click context menu.

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