How To Install Oracle Java 14 (JDK 14) On Ubuntu, Debian Or Linux Mint From APT PPA Repository

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Oracle has released Java 14. Those wanting to install this in Ubuntu, Debian, and Linux distributions based on these, like Pop!_OS, Linux Mint, Zorin OS, etc., can use the Linux Uprising Java PPA. Oracle JDK 14 will receive a minimum of two quarterly updates, before being followed by JDK 15 in September 2020.

Oracle Java 14 includes new features to improve developer productivity, including Java language support for switch expressions, new APIs for continuous monitoring of JDK Flight Recorder data, and extended availability of the low-latency Z Garbage Collector to macOS and Windows. Three preview features are also included: Pattern Matching for instanceof (JEP 305), Records (JEP 359) and Text Blocks (JEP 368).

For more information about Oracle Java 14, see the release announcement and release notes.

Note that I don't recommend installing this, I'm just making it available to those that need it. Oracle Java uses a commercial license starting with Java 11, which allows downloading and using it at no cost for development and testing only, but it requires paying a fee to use it in production. Instead of Oracle Java, you could use open source JDK builds, like those offered by AdoptOpenJDK Or Zulu OpenJDK.

This Oracle Java 14 installer is based on the Web Upd8 Java package (so the credits go to its original creators), with minor modifications, and it does not contain any Oracle Java binaries. Instead, it automatically downloads, installs and optionally sets Oracle Java 14 as the default Java (runs update-alternatives, exports the JAVA_HOME environment variable, etc.) on your system. Only 64bit builds are available.

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