How To Record And Play Mouse And Keyboard Events Using Atbswp Macro Recorder (GUI)

Atbswp is a new graphical utility (Python3) that can be used to record the mouse and keyboard events. You can then reproduce (play) them identically as many times as you want by either clicking a button, or save the mouse and keyboard actions as a script and run it without having to relay on Atbswp.

The application is an open source clone of the Windows-only TinyTask utility (which is now discontinued), which runs on both Windows and Linux with Xorg, with Wayland support "coming soon".

Atbswp record and play mouse and keyboard actions

This application can be useful to automate some demo for example, or to perform long tasks that require clicking on the same items over and over again. In case you want to automate repetitive typing (text expansion), I recommend AutoKey instead.

Atbswp desktop automation tool features:

  • Record and play the mouse movement / clicks and keyboard presses on demand
  • Save the capture (macro) as a script and run it independently of Atbswp
  • Can use hotkeys to start recording and playback
  • Allows repeating a capture for a given number of times or indefinitely

It's important to mention that the user interface elements need to be in the same position when recording the macro and when playing it back. Atbswp doesn't have image recognition to identify user interface elements, like SikuliX for example.

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