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Qt Cloud Music Player MellowPlayer Updated With Remote Control Support, Pandora Radio Plugin

MellowPlayer was updated recently with support for remote controlling the application from any another device, Pandora support, and more.

MellowPlayer is a free and open source Qt-based desktop application for using and integrating cloud music services (and more) with your desktop, available for Linux and Windows.

MellowPlayer cloud music player 3.6

It supports many services, like Apple Music, Deezer, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Spotify, TuneIn, 8tracks, Google Play Music, YouTube and YouTube Music, Tidal, Jamendo, Radionomy, Plex, Netflix, Yandex Music, and more; note that its website doesn't list all supported services, most probably because not all are supported on Windows, and on Linux when using the AppImage.

Each online music streaming service is integrated as a plugin, which makes it easy to add support for more services in the future.

The desktop integrations consist of a system tray icon, customizable hotkeys / multimedia keys support, can be controlled using MPRIS v2 (e.g. sound menu in various desktop environments), and notifications.

This is the latest MellowPlayer (with its YouTube plugin) integrated with the Linux Mint Cinnamon sound applet:

MellowPlayer Linux Mint sound menu

Other MellowPlayer features:

  • Customizable tray icon and application theme (comes with 7 built-in themes, and allows making your own)
  • Automatic or manual HiDPI scaling
  • Song history: it can keep track of the songs you play using each service, with a configurable time frame. Listening history is not enabled by default
  • Support for network proxy and user scripts
  • Service-specific options for a couple of services:
    • skip credits option for Netflix
    • automatically skip and mute ads, and close bottom banner ads for YouTube and YouTube music

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