Watch Synchronized Videos With Your Remote Friends Using Syncplay (Linux, macOS, Windows)

Syncplay synchronized media player with remote friends

Syncplay is a free and open source tool to synchronize media players with remote friends to watch videos together, available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux and *BSD. It supports mpv, VLC, MPC-BE and MPC-HC, with each user being able to use any of these media players.

The application synchronizes the position and play state of the media player over the Internet, allowing all viewers to watch the same video in the same time. So when one viewer seeks, pauses or unpauses a video, this is applied to all viewers / media players that are in the same Syncplay room, on the same server.

You can choose to use one of the free public Syncplay servers, or you can host your own public or private Syncplay server, be it on Windows, macOS, Linux (including Raspberry Pi).

Besides this, Syncplay also features:

  • Play local (with shared playlist) or online videos supported by youtube-dl (on my computer this worked with mpv, but it didn't work with VLC)
  • The synchronized viewing is done through a chat-like room so you can... chat with the other participants, see their player state, etc. You can also chat with others through mpv (on top of the mpv player window)
  • Can automatically pause video in case a user is disconnected
  • Includes options to deal with lagging, like fast-forwarding / rewinding or slowing down on desync
  • Can show OSD messages on top of the video player with various events (e.g. users that are / not ready, etc.)

It's important to note that all users (viewers) must have the same local video they want to play. Syncplay doesn't stream videos between users, it does not synchronise player configuration, audio/subtitle track selection or volume.

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