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What's new in CentOS 8

About CentOS 8
CentOS 8 is the latest Linux based operating system. As this is a Linux distribution derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), the CentOS team had to build an infrastructure to support the newly introduced RHEL 8.

CentOS is widely used among developers and system administrators as it offers full control over its highly customizable open-source software packages. It is stable and has a large and active support community behind it. Due to its reliability, it has become a popular choice among operating systems for servers.

CentOS 8 features:
1. The Default Desktop environment is GNOME 3.28.
2. CentOS 8 does not provide any verification and certification.
3. Default kernel version 4.18
4. Support AMD & Intel 64bit architecture

Networking & Firewall:
Iptables are replaced with nftables framework

Software Management:
YUM package manager is based on DNF(Dandified) technology as its backend.
CentOS 8 has new package manager DNS, which can be used to install packages.
It brings two main repository-
- BaseOS repository
- AppStream repository
While BaseOS includes all the underlying OS packages, AppStream has the application-related packages, developer tools, databases, and others.

Languages, Web server & Database:
- Python 2.7 is replaced with default 3.6
- Apache HTTPD available with 2.4 version, Nodejs, PHP7.2, MariaDB 10.3, MySQL 8.0 etc.

Difference between CentOS 7 and CentOS 8

Feature CentOS 7 CentOS 8
File System Support XFS file system Support XFS file system
Kernel version 3.1 3.18
Package Manager Uses YUM v3 Uses YUM v4
Python default version Python 2.7 Python 3.6
HTTPD/Apache version 2.4 2.4
Other programming package PHP 5.4.16, Ruby 2.0.0, Perl 5.16.3 PHP 7.2, Ruby 2.5, Perl 5.26
Databases MySQL 5.5, MariaDB 5.5, PostgreSQL 9.2 MariaDB 10.3, MySQL 8.0, PostgreSQL 10, PostgreSQL 9.6, and Redis 5
Maximum RAM Support RAM 12TB RAM 64 TB
Desktop Environment Default GNOME Display Manager is X.Org server Default GNOME Display Manager is Wayland, GNOME Shell version 3.28
Firewall Uses iptables packet filtering framework Uses nftables packet filtering framework

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