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Display Pressed Keys In Screencasts With Screenkey (Now With Python 3 And GTK 3 Support)


Screenkey is a tool that shows keystrokes on the screen, great if you're recording screencasts, video reviews or demos.

For those not familiar with Screenkey, here's a quick rundown of its features:

  • Several keyboard translation methods
  • Key composition / input method support
  • Configurable font / size / opacity / position on screen
  • Allows configuring the time the keystrokes should be displayed for
  • Normal / Emacs / Mac / Windows / Linux modifiers mode
  • Can show modifier sequences only
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Multimedia keys support (using FontAwesome)
  • Repeats compression

The application was updated recently to version 1.0, which adds support for Python 3 and GTK 3 (I actually contributed a small patch that gets its AppIndicator to work with Python 3). This is the first release in 4 years, and it only supports X11 for now - a bug is open for Wayland support so you can track that if you want to see when this is resolved.

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