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Vector Graphics Editor Inkscape 1.0 Stable Released

Inkscape 1.0 Linux

Inkscape 1.0 has been released with an updated user interface that now uses GTK3, HiDPI support, and new Live Path Effects, among many other changes. There's also a new native application for macOS available as a preview.

The 1.0 version of this free and open source vector graphics editor has been in development for over three years, and it includes exciting new features and changes. The highlights of the release are:

  • Updated user interface toolkit to GTK3
  • Theming support and more customization options
  • macOS support (available as a preview; additional improvements are scheduled for the next versions)
  • HiDPI screen support
  • Rotating and mirroring of canvas
  • Alignment of object with on-canvas handles
  • Split view and X-Ray modes to inspect path geometry
  • Searchable symbols dialog
  • New live path effect selection dialog
  • PowerPencil Live Path Effect to draw variable width strokes with graphic tablets
  • Many new useful live path effects (corner rounding tool, offsets, measures)
  • Performance improvements for path operations on large number of paths
  • Default coordinate origin has been moved to the top left
  • Improved text line-height support
  • Variable font support
  • Browser-compatible flowed text
  • Extensions now use Python 3

For more information on Inkscape 1.0, see the release announcement and extensive release notes.

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