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New Release: qclib v2.2.0

qclib v2.2.0 is now available for download here (MD5: 7ecf7a877750fa4c170922ac8e801065).
The main addition is two new commands:

  • zname: Prints information about the IBM Z model generation
  • zhypinfo: Prints information about virtualization layers

Here is some sample output to illustrate the capabilities:

  $/zname -h

  Usage: zname [OPTIONS]

  Print information about IBM Z hardware.

    -a, --all            Print all available information
    -c, --capacity       Print capacity information
    -h, --help           Print usage information and exit
    -i, --cpuid          Print the CPU identifier
    -m, --model          Print model information
    -n, --name           Print the model name (default)
    -u, --manufacturer   Print manufacturer information

  $ zname
  IBM z15

  $ zhypinfo -h

  Usage: zhypinfo [OPTION]

  Print information about virtualization layers on IBM Z.

    -h, --help           Print usage information and exit
    -j, --json           Dump all available data in JSON format
    -l, --layers         Print number of layers
    -L, --levels         Print number of virtualization levels

  $ zhypinfo
    #  Layer_Type        Lvl  Categ  Name       IFLs    CPs    Total
    3  z/VM-guest          1  GUEST  R3545038      3      0      3
    2  z/VM-hypervisor     1  HOST   BOER3545      2      1      3
    1  LPAR                0  GUEST  R35LP45       2      1      3
    0  CEC                 0  HOST   P35          60      3     63

For more information, see the respective man pages and the included README.

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