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New Release: s390-tools v2.15

s390-tools v2.15 is out. This release is in support of Linux kernel 5.9.

The most notable change is the addition of a new tool called lsstp to display information about the current Server Time Protocol (STP) configuration, like co‐ordinated time network (CTN) ID, timing state and leap seconds.

Here is some sample output:

  STP online:            yes
  CTN ID:                STPM46
  CTN type:              STP-only
  Stratum:               2
  Timing mode:           STP
  Timing state:          Synchronized
  DST offset:             60
  Timezone offset:        60
  Time offset:            120
  Active leap seconds:   27
  Scheduled leap second:
insertion at Thu, Dec 31 23:59:59 2020 UTC

Note: STP leap seconds scheduling support as indicated in the bottom line is a forthcoming feature of a future Linux kernel release, tentatively 5.10.

For further details, see the changelog.

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