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New Release: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3

RHEL 8.3 is out, see the official announcement.
Highlights from a Linux on Z perspective:

  • Crypto: 
    • Use protected key dm-crypt for Linux systems with access to CryptoExpress adapters in EP11 mode
    • Now run the AES self test suite of the kernel automatically whenever the module is loaded, as required for a FIPS 140-2 certification
  • KVM:
    • Adds support for Secure Execution 
    • ECKD DASD can be transparently passed through to KVM guests, allowing full exploitation of all DASD features, including raw track access and IPL
  • Networking:
    • The qeth device driver improved handling of invalid frames
    • SMC-R gained high availability through so-called link group support
    • SMC-D gained forward-compatibility to SMC-Dv2
  • Storage:
    • Ability to IPL from NVMe devices
    • Various new sysfs attributes to query FCP-related information, e.g. use
      • /sys/class/fc_host/<host_name>/fabric_name to query the name of the connected Fibre Channel fabric
      • /sys/bus/ccw/drivers/zfcp/<fcp_device_bus_ID>/fc_security to query IBM Fibre Channel Endpoint Security capabilities of the FCP channel providing the FCP device bus-ID
      • /sys/bus/ccw/drivers/zfcp/<fcp_device_bus_ID>/0x<target_WWPN>/fc_security  to query status of authentication and encryption of connection between FCP device and remote port
  • Misc updates
    • opencryptoki v3.14
    • qclib v2.1
    • smc-tools v1.3
    • libatlas is now taking advantage of specific BM z13 and z14 instructions for performance improvements
For further details on the changes, see the release notes.
Also, take note of a distro-specific edition of our Device Drivers, Features, and Commands book available here.

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