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New Publications

The following videos and publications are now available on the IBM Knowledge Center:

  • IBM Secure Execution for Linux
  • Publication: KVM Virtual Server Management
    New information includes configuring KVM virtual servers for IBM Secure Execution for Linux, backing virtual block devices with PCIe-attached NVMe devices, and descriptions of new tools.
    Also available as PDF.
  • Publication: libica Programmer's Reference 3.7
    You can now use new APIs for elliptic curve cryptography that exploit the MSA9 component of IBM z15. New counters for these operations are introduced in the icastats utility. Also, in FIPS mode, an initial integrity check on the libica library file libica.so is performed.
    Also available as PDF.
  • Publication: Device Drivers, Features, and Commands
    New version for kernel 5.8.
  • Publication: Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on IBM Z and LinuxONE. Reference Architecture
    This reference architecture describes a pre-validated solution from Red Hat® and IBM® based on Red Hat OpenShift® Container Platform (RHOCP) on IBM Z® and IBM LinuxONE. It provides solution architects, designers, developers, IT organizations, and business leaders with the capability to plan the associated infrastructure services, provision virtual machines and RHOCP, and to manage the lifecycle of containerized applications.
    Also available as PDF.

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