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New Release: s390-tools v2.16

s390-tools v2.16 is out. This release is in support of Linux kernels 5.10 and 5.11.

The most notable change is the addition of a new tool called hsci used to control and show HSCI (HiperSockets Converged Interfaces) settings.

Here is a sample session illustrating how to use:

  $ hsci add enc8410 encb040
  Verifying net dev encb040 and HiperSockets dev enc8410
  Adding hsci8410 with a HiperSockets dev enc8410 and an external \
                                                      dev encb040
  Set enc8410 MAC fe:c2:f4:35:00:12 on encb040 and hsci8410
  Successfully added HSCI interface hsci8410

  $ ip addr add dev hsci8410

  $ hsci show
  HSCI      PNET_ID  HiperSockets  External
  hsci8410  NET1     enc8410       encb040

For further details, see the changelog.

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