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Webinar: Oracle on IBM Z and LinuxONE

Join us for our webinar on Wednesday, February 24th, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST!


The most popular workload running on IBM Z and LinuxONE today is Oracle database. There are many business and technical reasons Clients choose our platform for their mission-critical Oracle workloads. Topics relevant to Oracle that will be covered in the session include: Licensing, Security, Storage, HA and DR.
This session will cover:

  • The high-level value proposition of consolidating Oracle on LinuxONE from Exadata and other x86 platforms, including a discussion of Oracle licensing concepts as they apply to moving Oracle workload to our platform.
  • Technically compare LinuxONE and Exadata, reviewing IBM's approach to running and managing Oracle workload on our platform compared to how Oracle approaches this with Exadata.
  • Migration options/approaches customers may use when moving their Oracle workload(s) from Exadata and other x86 platforms to our platform.


  • Terry Ginther, LinuxONE Global Data Serving SME, IBM USA
  • David J Simpson, Certified Oracle and Open Source Database Specialist,  IBM LinuxONE and Z Systems, IBM USA


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Replay & Archive

All sessions are recorded. For the archive as well as a replay and handout of this session and all previous webinars see here.

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