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New Release: RHEL 8.4 on IBM Z

RHEL 8.4 is out! It ships, among others:

  • IBM Fibre Channel Endpoint Security for encryption of data-in-flight
  • Support for HiperSockets Converged Interface, converging a HiperSockets device and a NIC into a single logical interface
  • SMC-D v2, supporting peer communication on different IP subnets and simplified configuration
  • Ability to re-IPL from a PCIe-attached NVMe IPL device without clearing memory, improving time required for a re-IPL
For a detailed list of Linux on Z-specific changes, see the release notes.

IBM-specific documentation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 is available at IBM Documentation here (in particular: Device Drivers, Features and Commands on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4).

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