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Documentation: New Publications

Available now on the IBM Docs site for Linux on Z and LinuxONE

  • openCryptoki - An Open Source Implementation of PKCS #11 (new)
    openCryptoki is an open source implementation of the Cryptoki API as defined by the PKCS #11 Cryptographic Token Interface Standard. This new publication explains how to manage tokens and how to write PKCS #11 programs that use the cryptographic services of tokens, with a focus on services that exploit IBM Z® cryptographic hardware through IBM cryptographic libraries.
  • Secure Key Solution with the Common Cryptographic Architecture 7.3: Application Programmer's Guide
    CCA now offers new services for format preserving cryptography. It also supports Koblitz elliptic curve cryptography.
    In addition, CCA supports new quantum safe keys for digital signatures, AES keys with derived unique key per transaction (DUKPT) processing, and a new enhanced key wrapping method for applicable verbs.
  • Distribution-specific documentation for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP3 on IBM Z (with GA, 6/22)
    You can now process leap seconds through STP, control the LPAR configuration state of cryptographic devices from Linux, and use new commands to display information about SMC-R and SMC-D link groups and devices.
  • kdump - Recommendations for Linux on Z
    This paper gives an overview and recommendations for configuring kdump on Red Hat and SUSE distributions. It provides an introduction to configuring and using kdump. This includes the kdump configuration, kernel page filtering, hardware-accelerated compression and debugging of the kdump setup.

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