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New Release: s390-tools v2.19

s390-tools v2.19 is out. This release is in support of Linux kernel 5.15.

The two most notable additions are as follows:

  • Support for multi MAC addresses in hsci
    Adds the ability to define a HiperSockets Converged Interface that can register more than a singleMAC address. This allows for usage with Open vSwitch or MacVTap, as typically used in KVM deployments.
    Requires Linux kernel 5.15.
  • chreipl-fcp-mpath
    The chreipl-fcp-mpath toolset monitors udev events about paths to the re-IPL volume. If the currently configured FCP re-IPL path becomes unavailable, the toolset checks for operational paths to the same volume. If available, it reconfigures the FCP re-IPL settings to use an operational path.
    Thus, re-IPL from an FCP-attached SCSI volume can be successful despite path failures on a running Linux instance if at least one path to the re-IPL volume remains operational.

For further details, see the changelog.

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