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How To Get Dark GNOME Shell Menus And Dialogs On Ubuntu 19.10 With Yaru Theme

For Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine), the default Yaru theme pack has received some major changes. One of these changes is the usage of light menus and di…

Default Ubuntu Yaru Theme Rebased On Adwaita 3.32

The latest Yaru theme master branch (rebased on Adwaita 3.32) Yaru , the default Ubuntu 18.10+ theme, was recently rebased on the new Adwaita theme …

Yaru Colors: Ubuntu's Default Theme In 11 Colors (Gtk, Icons And Gnome Shell)

Yaru Colors is a fork of the Yaru theme (default Ubuntu Gtk, icon and Gnome Shell themes) in 11 colors, with each Gtk theme being available in regul…