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Vorta BorgBackup GUI Now Available For Install On Linux From Flathub

Vorta , a GUI for BorgBackup (or Borg for short), is now easier to install on Linux. The backup tool was added to Flathub the other day, a service f…

How To Use Deja Dup To Backup To Amazon S3

Deja Dup is a backup program that supports local and remote / cloud backups, which compresses and encrypts the data. Most of the work is done by dup…

Securely And Efficiently Backup Data On Linux Or macOS With Vorta (BorgBackup GUI)

Vorta is a fairly new GUI for BorgBackup (or Borg for short), a command line backup tool with encryption, deduplication, compression and validation.…

how to ync files with lsyncd

Reading how-to-sync-files-with-lsyncd