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Vorta BorgBackup GUI Now Available For Install On Linux From Flathub

Vorta , a GUI for BorgBackup (or Borg for short), is now easier to install on Linux. The backup tool was added to Flathub the other day, a service f…

How To Remove Unused Flatpak Runtimes To Free Up Disk Space

Flatpak doesn't automatically remove a runtime after the last application that depended on it was uninstalled. This may be an issue for some use…

Flathub Adds WPS Office For Easy Linux Installation And Update

Yet another important application has been added to Flathub , a service for hosting and distributing Flatpak applications: WPS Office, making it even…

TeamSpeak Now Available To Install On Linux From Flathub

TeamSpeak (client), a popular VoIP application, is now available on Flathub , making it very easy to install on Linux distributions that support Fl…

Total Chaos Doom II Mod Now Available On Flathub

Total Chaos , a Doom II mod that runs on the GZDoom source port, is now available for easy Linux installation from FlatHub .